back from bermuda!

ok, so bermuda is pretty much the nicest place on the face of Gods earth! WOW! i was absolutely blown away with the beauty, aroma, and cleanliness of this wonderful island(s). they drink rainwater! its like bathing in evian. everything was so pretty, and well taken care of…even the taxis!
so i left the power cord to the laptop in bermuda…nice. not that it matters, the only thing on there is…THE ENTIRE WEDDING!!!! ok, just the ceremony, but i have a dead laptop, with the ceremony on it. i just figure “ill get one from the mac store back home”, right? sure, except not one mac store in the entire state of texas has a 17′ macbook pro power supply!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaauuuuuugghgh! so i am going to wait..patiently…for my power supply to be shipped here from bermuda. bermuda…i just like saying that…brings back better times to mind.
AN-E-WAY, i was there shooting the wedding of chris and miranda conway. i cannot tell how cool this couple is. i absolutely fell in love with these two! they are the nicest, most accommodating couple i have ever had the great pleasure to work with. chris is a native bermudian, which means he gets all the good jobs 😉 and miranda is an S.O.B. well, at least now she is…what? oh, sorry, thats Spouse Of a Bermudian. seriously, thats what she has to put on documents!
so i have a couple of my favorites from the reception id like to share with you, i just dont want to wait until i get the ceremony stuff…

right after the “lost ceremony”

this just gives me a laugh…one of the self proclaimed “three wise virgins”

a quite moment

absolutely love this image of the first dance!!!

they had a really cool jazz singer for the first part of the reception

this is sort of a so-cal / paparazzi style blend ala erik clausen..


and whats bermuda without some white chocolate sea shells?

who did her hair??? (answer: the lovely and talented destiny clausen!)

seriously, everyone i talked to at this reception (most were bermudian) were the nicest people. they had such a good time, and genuinely seemed to be celebrating these two awesome people..

the dance floor started picking up at this point…(by the way, if you ever meet the woman to the right…her name is sonny; DONT GIVE HER ANY CAFFINE!;))




ummmmm….jammin? (no more for that guy either;))

i love a good reception

the light on a stick was good to me

these final three were taken by the captain of capture…the rookie of ringflash….the one…the only…destiny! (post processing by yours truly;))

the dee-lovely stephanie

i love it that des got one of my favorites of the evening

chris and miranda, i had such a wonderful time spending time and getting to know you two…i really treasure you two and hope that we can continue our friendship for years to come…may God bless the two of you richly in all of your pursuits…oh, and see you friday!

~ by paparazzipictures on August 16, 2007.

7 Responses to “back from bermuda!”

  1. those are two of the most hilarious wedding pics ever erik.
    i cant wait to see the rest.. because these are super sweet.
    great job on the hair des! glad you guys had fun.
    now, erik.. you must somehow schedule a destination wedding every year around august 6, becuase this is a birthday present you will have trouble topping.. LOL

  2. Erik,
    Met you at the Misfits meet up. I sat to your left.

    You pics are awesome dude! Really good job! Very creative!
    I hope we meetup at the next Misfits and do some shoots!

    Take it easy,

  3. thanks, look forward to it mark!

    tasha – she actually returned the birthday present i bought her…sorry, made ME return it! cant return a trip to bermuda though!

  4. what’d you do?? go buy her an expensive replacement ring?? and then she get all frugal on you??
    if not.. go do that.. 😉

  5. no, tasha he bought me a thousand dollar guitar!!! i mean i play and all but i am no guitar player, for a thousand bucks (which i did not even know we had), i want a cool piece of furniture (or 2 or 3)… you know me, gotta be resourceful. it was wicked sweet of him, and it was a DOPE guitar!!

  6. Erik and Destiny, Great Job on the pictures. I can’t wait to see the rest!!! It brought tears to my eyes and very fond memories. Do I have the most beautiful daughter in the world or what? Also a very handsome Son-In-Law! Erik, you have a great eye for some ausome pictures! Job very well done!

  7. Hah I am honestly the only comment to this incredible post?!?

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