disney world part 1

ok, so my family and i are in disney world. we all packed into to explorer and left about 5:30 am on friday morning. drove straight through to tallahassee in about 16 hours including stops for potty and the like 🙂 . we stayed the night at a holiday inn there, then drove the rest of the way to orlando the next day. not terribly eventful, unless you count my father-in-laws tahoe stalling in the middle of the road, about ten minutes from the resort. but we prayed for it, and it started up just fine. we are staying at the sheraton vistana villas. this place is freakin rad. we have basically our own little apartment litterally one mile away from the doormat of disney world! we took it easy on saturday after we got settled, with a little game of wiffle ball in the backyard, that includes a playground for the kids. on sunday we took on epcot. this place gets a bad rap, but i totally dug it. well, the kids like it ok, and we all left a little early but.. des and i returned later that evening for our…..

6th wedding anniversary!!!!

yes thats right folks, six wonderful, awesome years with the absolute love of my life! i am so blessed to have this amazing woman to call my own, i sometimes find myself dizzy with wonder.

woah, that was heavy (major points expected there 😉 ). anyway, we returned to experience what i thought was the coolest part of epcot, the international fare. start on one side and your in denmark, and you cross through, like 1o countries and 5 continents, while enjoying the food, drinks, and culture from each! it is right up my alley, as one of my favorite things in the world (pun intended) is to travel. we sampled som very interesting fare including a dish with spicy yellow potato and crab salad, yum. experienced a wonderful chardonnay from new zealand, before settling down for dinner in italy at a romantic table for two on the patio of a very quiant restaurant.

dinner went down easy, and we litterally walked one foot out of the restaurant when the lights show began. this was really cool. they have a gigantic lights and fireworks show that lasts about thirty minutes at closing time very night. it is choreographed to music and is very emotional. we got caught up. it was awesome.

very cool first couple of nights….

on the way we spotted a wild animal! (the wild animal is actually a tiger inside that cage, not destiny) they had this cage at a gas station just inside the east part of louisiana. wierd.

also encountered about the nicest rest stop known to man. (did i just use “nice” and “rest stop” in the same sentence?)

about this time i walked out and saw that a whiffle ball game was eminent

typical clausen, arguing balls and strikes. like father, like son. 🙂

i taught her well.

just my cutie

i keep telling him not to swing at those high pitches…..like father, like son

had some pretty cool light

neither sure which will actually get to throw the next pitch, both river and roman finish their prayers

i was mostly taking it all in at epcot, so ididnt shoot too much there, but this was a cool detail

by the time destiny and i got back and walked into the park, i looked up and….

im sure des hates this picture, but i dont care.

these guys stole the show for me. i was totally taken in by there theatrics during the light show. very cool.

some good movement

this shot gives a good impression of the dramatic scene

while we were walking out…during the lights show we were just to the left of that big building there in the middle

~ by paparazzipictures on October 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “disney world part 1”

  1. sounds awesome. i bet the kids had a blast.
    happy anniversary you guys.. it seems like forever since your wedding. cant believe it is only six years..

  2. Happy Anniversary!

  3. thank you shipra!

    does it seem like forever? i guess it does, huh?

  4. I always love to visit disney world because it is a very fun and exciting place. ;`::;

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