changes, they are a-comin’

i know its been a bit since i blogged anything, due mostly to the season, but also due to the fact that i have been shooting bridals, and i cant show those until after the wedding. plus i have been quietly working on some changes around here in the land of paparazzi.

some year in review stuff:

1. God is good!

2. this has been the single greatest year of marriage yet for des and i. we have seen God do some wonderful things in our lives, and in each other, and we are nothing short of stoked to see what He has in store for us in the next one.

3. avery is a year more beautiful, inside and out. this little one never ceases to amaze me with her insight into the things of God as a 9 year old. she is such a caring and considerate person. we learn from her around here very day.

4. river is full swing into basketball. he has always been in love with basketball. his first word was ball, and his next was b-ball, trying to say basketball. thats my boy.

5. roman is a year sillier. for those of you who know roman, you know what i mean. hes been playing soccer, his life-long dream, although he tends to check out about 10 minutes into the game. his main goal seems to be to run real hard for about 10 yards then fall down and look to see if we saw how tough he is.

anyway, hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a safe new year!


~ by paparazzipictures on January 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “changes, they are a-comin’”

  1. cant wait for the changes erik.
    i miss the kiddos.
    post some pics of them in the absence of bridal images. appease me!

  2. yes honey appease me too post some stuff of our kids!!!
    love ya

  3. see erik.. a plea from the wife. i understand ME being ignored.. but really.. can you ignore her? i need a beautiful avery fix.. a rough house river fix, and a silly roman fix.

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